Arc Flash Assessment

A Lewis Bass Arc Flash Assessment can help your company determine if the potential for a hazardous electrical arc flash exists in equipment that your employees work on or near and may also be a requirement of maintaining insurance coverage at your facility.

An Example Arc Flash Warning Sticker

What Is An Arc Flash Assessment?

An ArcFlash Hazard Assessment determines the degree to which a worker may be exposed to potential ArcFlash Hazards and what kind of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required to protect workers from the heat, light, and blast associated with an ArcFlash accident.

As required by OSHA and the NFPA 70E, Lewis Bass’s Arc Flash Assessment service helps determine if the potential for a hazardous electrical arc flash exists in equipment that employees work on or near while the equipment is exposed and energized.

Why Choose Our Arc Flash Assessment Service?

Arc Flash Assessments Are An Investment In Your Business

Arc Flash Assessments are a preventative maintenance service, much like our thermographic inspection service, and is widely seen as a prudent investment in your business while also being critical to ensuring the safety of your workers in your facility.

Customized Recurring Inspections Tailored To Your Unique Needs

It is strongly recommended to have Arc Flash Assessments performed on a recurring basis (every 5 years or when new electrical equipment or panels are added to your facility) to help save lives and money by safe work practices and minimize the possibility of injuries and lost time accidents.

LBIES will work with your team to craft a recurring arc flash inspection strategy  that takes into account the unique facets of your business, its electrical layout, and associated equipment, to ensure your company’s compliance with OSHA regulations.

We Have An Experienced Engineering Team

LBIES’s field engineers have several years of experience in performing arc flash assessments on commercial, industrial, and high tech electrical installations.

We have perfected a streamlined approach that takes into account every facet of a particular facility’s electrical systems from initial system data collection, to providing your company with a new single layer one-line diagram of the portion of the power distribution system we assessed in the inspection.

The Benefits Of Using LBIES’s Arc Flash Assessment Service

The Benefits Of Our Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

  • Helps to prevent worker injuries and deaths.
  • Ensures your company’s compliance with NFPA/OSHA regulations.
  • Reduces your asset downtime and associated costs with non-production.
  • Determines your arc flash protection boundary and PPE requirements for your staff.

Our Approach To Arc Flash Testing Leaves Nothing To Chance

  • Collect all available system data for our engineers to review.
  • Find Configured Mode/Sequence of Operation.
  • Determine Bolted Fault Currents.
  • Determine Arc Fault Currents.
  • Locate Protective Device Characteristics and duration of Arcs (Coordination).
  • Document and record system voltages and classes of equipment.
  • Identify Safe Working Distances from the equipment.
  • Calculate and record Incident Energy for the equipment.
  • Calculate and record the Flash-Protection boundary for the equipment.
  • Provide a single layer one-line diagram of the portion of the power distribution system considered in the analysis.
  • Finish the assessment and label all equipment included in the analysis.

The Lewis Bass Arc Flash Assessment Process

  1. Contact us.
  2. Identify the panels and equipment needing an assessment.
  3. Meet with LBIES’ assigned Project Manager to go over your list.
  4. We will schedule a time for our field engineer to go onsite and perform the requested service.
  5. Arc Flash Assessment service deliverables include:
    • Recommendations to reduce arc flash hazard levels.
    • An arc flash risk assessment report.
    • Arc flash labels and labeling for evaluated equipment.

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