Safety Consulting

When Lewis Bass is part of the design team from the beginning, safety is built into the product.

The Lewis Bass Safety Approach

Safe Product Design

We can help in your design by bringing our expertise in code compliance, ergonomics and human factors and assist you in incorporating changes. We can also assist in assessments of mature designs with a focus on product safety and liability including foreseeable misuse.

Electrical, Chemical, Mechanical, Ergonomic, Environmental Hazard Analysis

We develop a thorough review of hazard aspects and suggest steps for improvement of your product.

How we can help you get to the end product:

  • Our trained professionals come to you and apply their safety expertise.
  • We evaluate your products
  • Recommend proactive solutions to reduce risk
  • Manage liability
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve time to market
  • Leave you with a strong understanding of regulations and full conceptual understanding that will sell your design!


Types Of Safety Consulting Services We Offer

We offer engineering safety consulting services in the following categories:


  • Create electrical design with your team that allows you to sell domestically and internationally.


  • Get your equipment fully functional, code compliant and safe.


  • Change equipment and operations to get more functionality from your employees.


  • Full EH&S services to ensure all your equipment functions safely.


Regulators, inspectors, and insurers require verification from qualified independent bodies that products and equipment comply with applicable regulations, industry standards, and both federal and local codes.

Lewis Bass’s product evaluation service ensures that products and equipment, manufactured by our customers, meet and exceed all product safeguarding standards.

With more than thirty years’ experience in safety certifying products, our product safety evaluations involve a comprehensive review of important safety issues such as; electrical shock, mechanical, stored energy, fire hazards, and even performance, if it is inherent to the safe operation of the product.

Once the evaluation is complete, we will provide a written report detailing each machine’s risk factors and make recommendations for practical solutions regarding machine safety, ergonomics, proper safety label requirements, and wiring practices.

Environmental Health And Safety Services

Turn-key EH&S Services

  • We are proud to offer these services through us and our trusted partners. We offer support either on a full-time or interim basis for product safety, EH&S or environmental.

Examples are as follows:

  • A manufacturing site had a loss of containment from over-pressurized equipment, which resulted in a shutdown of operations. Our experienced hazardous materials person assisted with the root cause analysis, corrective action, safety training of area personnel, procedure revision and monitoring of the process restart followed by product safety evaluations of the finished product.
  • In-house review of safety systems on a full time basis for four months for a major client where our consultant was resident in the facility to facilitate inspections, assessments, reviews and meetings to perform a comprehensive evaluation.
  • EH&S support on project basis, and more.

Workplace/Facility Safety

  • OSHA compliance inspections/audits for facilities and construction. This is often a cold-eyes review by our professionals to ensure a fresh look at potential and actual issues or confirmation of all safety aspects evaluated correctly by existing safety staff.
  • Program review, planning, and compliance documentation. After program or product evaluation a comprehensive report will detail the confirmation of the current status or list areas to be address. This will ensure a documentation of compliance or areas for further review which if performed as an attorney lead assessment then the findings can be established within the attorney client privilege.
  • Employee training, Job Hazard Assessments, and more. Specialized assessments can form the basis for additional training programs to provide for a safer and more productive workforce. Job Hazard Assessments are an opportunity to identify hazards for mitigation and worker safety. These can also form the basis for custom training which provides demonstration leadership in the area of safety.

Integrated Safety and Sustainability Management

  • Sustainability program development can be important to clients and customers. Studies have shown that a substantial number of customers will buy a product which has proof of environmental stewardship which includes sustainability. These elements typically ensure more efficient use of materials or safer materials which improves sustainability and inherently includes safety as an outcome.
  • Employee training and education, and more. Program assessments and reviews can lead programs to create custom training programs which further employee education in the areas of sustainability.

Emergency Response and Planning

  • Fire, flood, earthquake, medical emergency, and security program development. Our experience includes both large-scale and new start-up facilities emergency and earthquake plans and drills.
  • Complete site analysis, written plans, training, and more. Our site analysis has included large-scale facilities which were on large fault lines and carried significant risk especially as chemical using facilities.

Building/Equipment Startup and Decommissioning

  • Decommissioning program development, training, and supervision. Our experience includes decommissioning of plating facilities, semiconductor plants, research laboratories, office areas, and specialized chemical usage and wastewater plants.
  • Environmental and surface sampling, decontamination, and more. We have experience with Level 1 & II reports, groundwater remediation, soils remediation, and air sampling.

Product Safety Analysis

  • Safe product design such that we are involved up front in the design when the opportunity is best for incorporating changes due to findings, as well as, assessments of mature designs for product safety including foreseeable misuse.
  • Electrical, Chemical, Mechanical, Ergonomic, Environmental hazard analysis, and more to develop a thorough review of hazard aspects and suggested steps for improvement of the product.

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