Our Industry Partner Companies

Eurofins E&E North America is the global service leader for product safety approvals and regulatory certification of electrical products — With facilities, accreditations, and 60 years of experience to get client products approved and to market faster. They are qualified to NRTL certify products in over 200 UL Standard categories and can test up to an additional 230+ standards for the U.S. market.

Eurofins/Met-Labs (EEENA) signed a cooperative agreement with LBIES in November of 2020. LBIES will support EEENA with third party field labeling requests in continental North America. Additionally, EEENA will support LBIES with lab assistance as needed in the course of future client projects.

Protect Safe

Protect Safe (Boxiang Technology) specializes in European regulations/US regulations for mechanical equipment and semiconductor equipment. The company is an organization specializing in equipment safety testing and verification. It has experienced mechanical safety engineers and cooperates with many well-known domestic and foreign verification companies. Their scope includes safety services covering various industrial machinery, industrial electronic control systems, semiconductor equipment and photoelectric power plant equipment.

Protect Safe signed a cooperative agreement with LBIES in May of 2022. LBIES will support Protect Safe with third party field labeling and SEMI S2/S8 requests in continental North America.

ICR Logo

ICR (International Certification Registrar)  provides management system certification, product testing and certification services at the same time and is accredited by domestic and overseas accreditation bodies such as ANAB, KAB, KOLAS, and PCA. In addition, ICR is designated as a CB Testing Laboratory (CBTL) under the CB Scheme of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to provide a variety of testing and certification services. ICR is the first certification body providing One-Stop Services in Korea, and is a domestic/overseas certification professional partner supporting inspection, verification, testing and management system certification.

ICR signed a cooperative agreement with LBIES in May of 2022. LBIES will support ICR with third party field labeling requests in continental North America.

AC&E is an accredited Field Evaluation Body in North America through their subsidiary AC&E North America. Their North American branch works with exporter companies, providing technical support in the design and issuance phase in compliance with UL and CSA standards.

AC&E North America signed a cooperative agreement with LBIES in September of 2022. AC&E North America will support LBIES with third party field labeling requests in the United States and Canada.

testing partners

Testing Partners was incorporated in 2012 to provide direct support for the large gap between product development and product compliance. The organization saw that a lot of people did not have the knowledge nor experience to anticipate what compliance details entailed, and were unprepared for the onslaught of compliance testing that awaits the end of the manufacturing tunnel. Further, Testing Partners realized the need for virtual compliance where engineers will relate to product developers and provide consulting and not just product certification, while still making compliance a key objective.

Testing Partners signed a cooperative agreement with LBIES in December of 2022. LBIES will support Testing Partners with third party field labeling requests in the United States.

Atlas Compliance and Engineering has been in the regulatory compliance business for more than 11 years and its staff for over 20 years. They are located in San Jose, California and are independently accredited by A2LA to perform regulatory EMI and EMC testing.

Our Industry Partner Consultants

Thomas P. Redick, JD

Owner, Global Environmental Ethics Counsel LLC.

Mr. Redick, a trusted partner of Lewis Bass International, has continued doing the work of Lewis Bass in the area of Product Liability prevention. He will continue to service those clients in need of legal consulting to resolve Product Liability issues. His solo law practice is Global Environmental Ethics Counsel LLC.

Mr. Redick represents clients in the high-technology and agricultural biotechnology industry sectors with issues relating to regulatory approval, liability avoidance and compliance with industry standards addressing socioeconomic and environmental impacts of multinational operations.

His practice emphasizes transportation issues for high-technology, chemical and biotechnology applications. He currently coordinates compliance with complex regulatory frameworks covering toxic substances and innovative technologies, preparing global regulatory roadmaps and product liability prevention plans for technology clients.

This includes transport documentation for commodities under the Cartagena Protocol on Bio-safety and recycled industrial equipment with traces of toxics under the Basel Convention on Hazardous Waste.

Before establishing a solo international product liability and environmental consulting practice in 2005, Mr. Redick was a partner with Gallop, Johnson & Neuman L.C. inSt. Louis,Missouri.

He studied international environmental law at the University of Michigan (J.D. 1985, B.A. high honors 1982) and speaks and writes extensively on liability prevention for emerging technologies. He has held leadership positions on American Bar Association Section on Environment, Energy & Resources (ABA-SEER) Committees on Environmental Values & Ethics, Agricultural Management, International Environmental Law and Environmental Litigation and Toxic Torts.

Specialties: Liability prevention and regulatory compliance for emerging technologies

Mr. Redick is the manager of a Linked-in® group, open to all interested parties, on “Product Liability Prevention” and we encourage anyone to join for updates on news in product liability prevention. You can join his group here.

Daniel Elliott, P.E.

Principal Engineer, Ben Tyler Enterprises

Mr. Elliott has more than 30 years experience in chemical engineering, regulatory interpretation, and process development for applications involving hazardous materials.

He has expertise in chemical process engineering, facilities and equipment design and engineering, environmental and safety regulatory programs, pollution prevention, and quality improvement.

His clients have included high technology clients in the semiconductor, microelectronics, plating, printed circuit board, medical device, biotech, pharmaceutical, and computer peripherals industries.

He also has experience in other industries including mining, nuclear, photo-processing, food processing, Superfund projects, and petrochemical projects and has provided litigation support in chemistry, chemical engineering, and code analysis.

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