The History of LBIES


Lewis Bass, Founder of LBI

Our Founder

Lewis Bass, P.E., J.D. was an Attorney and Professional Safety Engineer who practiced in Mountain View, California. He was the principal and founder of Lewis Bass International, Inc., a law corporation that specialized in the legal aspects of product, environmental, hazardous materials and facility safety. He also has taught at the University of Southern California Institute of Safety and Systems Management, and for the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Earlier in his career he served in design, manufacturing research, quality, and safety engineering positions in such companies as Rockwell International, the Aerospace Corporation, and Lockheed Missiles and Space Company. Mr. Bass developed advanced fault tree techniques and conducted safety courses, safety studies, hazard analyses, risk analyses and safety design evaluations. Later, after obtaining his law degree, he worked for a firm in California specializing in product liability and as corporate counsel for a manufacturer of safety equipment.

He wrote numerous articles and contributed to several books on these subjects. He was the author of Product Liability; Design and Manufacturing Defects.

He served as safety consultant for large and small organizations across the United States and in Europe, Japan and Korea, including many fortune 500 companies. Mr. Bass held a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the City College of New York, A Master of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Southern California and a J.D. from the University of Santa Clara School of Law.

Lew passed away after a well fought battle with leukemia in 2010.

LBI’s First Logo

Lewis Bass International 1979-2009

Lewis Bass started Lewis Bass International, Inc. in 1979 with the belief that companies would prefer to provide safe products to their customers.

Mr. Bass and his staff of safety engineers performed independent third party analysis of the safety, and legal aspects of a wide variety of processes, products and facilities.

These analyses identify legal criteria and applicable regulations in addition to the safety review of a system’s hardware at the request of local AHJs, warnings, manuals, and software. Mr. Bass personally prepared Hazardous Material Management Plans, Process Hazard Analyses, Hazops and Risk Assessments.

In 1984 Lewis Bass International performed the very 1st Third Party Electrical Equipment Evaluation required in California. It was conducted on semiconductor tools for AMD – Sunnyvale, California.

Other cities soon adopted 3rd Party Evaluation requirements for all unlisted and custom equipment. It’s included requirements to industrial manufacturers, R&D, and medical devices. LBI was at the forefront and has evaluated thousands of different types of equipment.

LBIES’s First Logo

Lewis Bass International Engineering Services 2009-2022

Patricia (Trish) Bass founded Lewis Bass International Engineering Services, Inc., an engineering consulting company, after serving for four years as Director of Sales and seven years as V.P. of Administration with Lewis Bass International, a safety law firm.

Ms. Bass was instrumental in putting together a competent team of technical and business development professionals to provide safety services to her clients in the high tech, medical device, and industrial machinery manufacturing industries.

Our Current Logo

Looking Toward The Future With New Management

Today, Lewis Bass International Engineering Services is entering a new phase of growth. We have launched a new mobile-friendly website, rebranded our corporate logo and marketing material, and have adapted our approach to prospective clients toward using online marketing messaging and social media channel engagement.

On January 26th 2024 our president, Trish Bass, retired and sold her 100% ownership stake to four key employees.

The new management team at LBIES continues to uphold the high standards of customer service and commitment to delivering quality services to our clients that LBIES has always been known for.