Thermographic Inspection

Lewis Bass’s Thermographic Inspection service identifies hidden equipment issues before they create major losses and/or interruptions to your production.

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What is a Thermographic Inspection?

A Thermographic inspection makes use of specially designed infrared cameras to generate images that show surface heat variations. This technology has a number of applications.

Thermograms (the images captured by the thermal camera) of electrical systems can detect abnormally hot electrical connections or components. Thermograms of mechanical systems can detect the heat created by excessive friction.

Why use our Thermographic Inspection service?

Thermographic inspections are an investment in your business. Potential monetary savings from performing a yearly audit of your machinery can be worth as much as ten times as much as the cost of our service.

A thermal scanning and predictive maintenance service program performed by Lewis Bass evaluates the following common line items:

Electrical Panels

Circuit breakers



Motor-control Centers

Motor and generator connections, windings, feeders and exciters

Thermagrams taken from the above line items may detect hidden infrared hot spots that a member of the Lewis Bass team can interpret to determine and provide recommended mitigations.

What is the process for performing a Thermographic Inspection?

  1. Contact us.
  2. Get your schematics and manuals together.
  3. Meet with LBIES’ assigned Project Manager to go over your equipment.
  4. We will schedule a time for our field engineer to go onsite and perform the requested service.
  5. Our Professional Engineer, Doug Snow, will review the reports and make recommendations on mitigation strategies for your equipment.
  6. Thermographic Inspection service deliverables include:
    1. A detailed inspection report including the following:
      • A written narrative of the survey.
      • Report form for every anomaly detected during the inspection.
      • Hard copy and electronic version of the entire report
    2. A report sheet accompanies each problem which includes:
      • Digital visible light photograph, color thermogram or black / white thermogram images.
      • Complete temperature analysis of the anomaly utilizing ambient temperature or conductor temperature for comparison.
      • Infrared data.

Thermographic Inspection Resources

Want to learn more about what it means to have a Thermographic Inspection performed at your facility? Download our helpful marketing flyer here for an overview of the process, next steps to schedule the service, and even some relevant FAQs to help get you up to speed before you schedule an onsite evaluation.

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