LBIES Offers Quick CE Mark Evaluations for Your Equipment

LBIES Offers Quick CE Mark Evaluations for Your Equipment

When seeking a company to perform CE Mark Evaluations for equipment you want to have shipped and used overseas in Europe, it is important to take into account the engineering capabilities and rush timing that a company such as Lewis Bass International Engineering Services can bring to the table for your company.

LBIES has been working with companies for the last 15 years doing CE Marking and has developed a system that makes the CE certification process run smoothly, with evaluations performed for our clients in a very timely manner.

To legally market products to Europe, a CE Marking on the product and a Declaration of Conformity (to the applicable Directives) is required. In addition, a Technical File, substantiating conformity, must be made available upon a duly reasoned request by competent national authorities to demonstrate full CE compliance.

We will help you determine which Directives apply to your product, will conduct an evaluation to establish and document compliance and will provide you with a Declaration of Conformity document required for European importation.

A standard CE Marking typically seen on commercial products

Our CE Mark Compliance Sticker

What will be considered in a CE Mark Evaluation?

Note: your product must be evaluated by our engineering team to determine which directives are applicable to your product to ensure full CE compliance.

The following are example directives that may apply to your product(s):

  • Low Voltage Directive (LVD)
  • Machinery Directive (MD)
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC)
  • Explosive Atmospheres Directive (ATEX)
  • Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

Which directives are needed for a typical industrial machine to be evaluated for a CE Mark?

Three directives are needed for a full CE certification for a typical electrical industrial machine: EMC, LVD, and MD.

The LVD (low voltage directive) is short in scope, showing conformity means that you’ve passed the LVD using IEC 60204 or IEC 61010. These two are the most common, however there are many variants that your machine can also be evaluated against that are more unique to the machinery itself.

The MD (machine directive) is a general safety of mechanical machine and components evaluation. There are add-ons to the MD for specific machinery (e.g. Agricultural).

Note: If the machine has no electrical properties, EMC will not be needed and neither would the LVD evaluation.

What information about the machine is required to perform CE Mark Evaluations?

Prior to inspection, our engineer will go over the following line items with your engineering team below:

  • A functioning manual for that machine.
  • Up to date schematics showing the exact tool, not a similar machine.
    • Full detailed drawings, accompanied by any calculation notes, test results, and certificates.
    • Where appropriate, copies of the EC declaration of conformity of machinery or other products incorporated into the machinery.
  • Bill of Materials (BOM).
  • A fully functioning machine, capable of being run at 100% of the rated load.
  • Prior documentation for an old machine that was previously evaluated to CE or SEMI S2 standards.

Once the applicable CE Mark directives are defined for the machine LBIES will:

  • Ensure your product is compliant with the applicable Directives by testing and applying the applicable EEA conformity assessment procedures.
  • Compile and retain a technical file for the evaluated product to satisfy the requirements of the Directives.
  • Draft and sign the Declaration of Conformity and bundle that with the technical file.
  • Apply a CE marking to the equipment in accordance with the requirements of the Directive.

Does your company require CE marking services?

LBIES is known for being cost effective and minimizing turnaround time in completing CE Mark evaluations.

Please call or text our Customer Support Department at 408-942-8000 for expedited service requests or request a quote for scheduling or additional information on this service.

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