New Service Announcement: SEMI S2 Design Consulting and Compliance Review

New Service Announcement: SEMI S2 Design Consulting and Compliance Review

At Lewis Bass, we believe that success with designing a system for compliance with the SEMI Standards starts with knowing the standards intimately before the system is even designed or mocked up on paper. To that end, we are formally announcing our new SEMI S2 design consulting service this month to provide a service very similar to our previously announced NFPA 79 design consulting service back in June 2024.

Knowing what standards and sections of SEMI S2 will be a factor in your system’s composition can be a major superpower for your company. SEMI S2 design review has consistently been key to our clients’ making their deadlines for delivering their systems to their clients. Additionally, this design review helps to ensure a smooth evaluation process for when a Lewis Bass technician visits their facility to perform the assessment.

In the course of providing SEMI S2 assessments to our clients over the years, we have noticed that those clients of ours who have opted for additional SEMI S2 design consulting hours from our staff are more than 95% more likely to pass the SEMI S2 assessment. When a system has been manufactured with this feedback taken into account from the beginning of the design phase you can almost certainly guarantee that any blockers toward compliance have been isolated prior to design lock.

So, you have already been providing this service?

Lewis Bass has been providing this service previously, but only ad-hoc and in specifically-requested situations by clients seeking to minimize potential disruption toward achieving SEMI compliance for new system designs. It only makes sense to offer this service more visibly now that we have a well-honed process for guiding our clients through the potential pitfalls that exist in meeting these strict guidelines.

How to Prepare for a SEMI S2 Design Review?

  1. Make sure the system has a draft operating manual started. A SEMI S2 assessment factors the operating manual into a majority of the standards and sections and is referenced numerous times throughout.
  2. Begin research on sourcing NRTL listed or CE marked components for use in the system. This ensures that no blockers will be encountered during our design review and also for the final SEMI S2 assessment.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the SEMI S2 standards and sections at SEMI. Due to the proprietary nature of SEMI, sections and standards must be purchased under a licensing agreement. Consider this an investment in your company’s compliance efforts.
  4. Submit a request for SEMI S2 design consulting with Lewis Bass.

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