Video Premier: How Lewis Bass Performs Field Labeling

Video Premier: How Lewis Bass Performs Field Labeling

An Industry First

We are pleased to announce that our first video showing one of our core services, 3rd party field labeling, is now live on YouTube this week.

In this video, Lewis Bass engineers Doug Snow and Oleg Zholudev walk you through our proprietary 127 line item checklist for evaluating industrial equipment at an actual job site in northern California.

Please let us know what you think about the video in the comments section on YouTube and feel free to share this with any interested colleagues.

What is Field Labeling?

This service, as described in one of our first blog posts on our website, is a safety review of unlisted equipment that primarily focuses on the electrical properties of the machine.

Unlike other certifications, field labeling is specific to the client and takes into consideration the manner in which the tool has been installed, including access issues for operation and maintenance, conduit installation, and facility over-current protection. Local AHJs generally request these field label reports to confirm the safety of unlisted electrical equipment in their jurisdictions.

Do You Need a Field Label?

If your company is operating any machinery/tools that may potentially be unlisted and are requiring a 3rd party field label, please reach out to Lewis Bass International Engineering Services for a free on-site inspection and a list of next steps for your to take to ensure continued compliance with your city’s local regulations.

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