What is Field Labeling?

What is Field Labeling?

Field Labeling is a term for a safety inspection performed on a client’s site on an installed tool which has undergone a series of electrical field evaluations to become compliant.

For electrical equipment without a mark from a nationally recognized testing lab (NRTL), a field label can satisfy local municipal requirements. Likewise, insurance for facilities will require tools in commission not present an undue risk to personnel or the site itself or even a liability to the company.

The field label can also be provided to the user of the tool, whereas an NRTL mark is provided to the manufacturer of the tool. Unlike other certifications, field labeling is specific to the client and takes into consideration the manner in which the tool has been installed, including access issues for operation and maintenance,  conduit installation, and facility over-current protection. Moving or substantially changing the tool invalidates the field inspection and may require additional electrical field evaluations to be performed.

Engineers at Lewis Bass International perform a full and intensive inspection of the tool as it is installed and as it is used.  We inspect the tool using the latest code requirements and safety recommendations and help to bring the tool into compliance where issues occur.

An LBIES engineer performing an onsite field label evaluation.

Here are some common scenarios your business may not be aware of that would require field labeling in your city:

  1. Your product is only CE Marked and is does not have any other NRTL marking certifying compliance for operations in the USA.
  2. You’ve recently modified the functionality by adding or removing components to the machine.
  3. Two or more UL-certified machines have been joined into a combined setup.
  4. Your machine/tool is a custom build and lacks any NRTL marking.
  5. Your machine/tool doesn’t meet your local jurisdiction’s requirements.


If your company is operating any machinery/tools that fall under these scenarios requiring a 3rd party field label, please reach out to Lewis Bass International Engineering Services for a free on-site inspection and a list of next steps for your to take to ensure continued compliance with your city’s local regulations.

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