Lewis Bass International Engineering Services (LBIES) is under new management

Lewis Bass International Engineering Services (LBIES) is under new management

On January 26th 2024 Lewis Bass International Engineering Services, Inc. (LBIES) transferred ownership to four key employees from the current owner, Trish Bass, in a private all stock transaction.

The buyers team (see bios below in the next section) are thrilled to begin a new chapter at LBIES and are looking forward to continuing to help our clients old and new with their engineering safety projects and their collective missions to produce and ship products that are safe for their clients and end users.


Lewis Bass International Engineering Services was founded in 2009 as a new corporate entity spun off of Lewis Bass International, a safety consulting litigation firm originally formed in 1979. LBIES is a registered field evaluation body and an engineering safety consultant with over 30 years experience in our industry. LBIES offers electrical evaluation services for unlisted equipment, SEMI S2/S8 evaluations for semiconductor equipment, CE/UKCA Marking for Europe, Thermography, and Arc Flash Hazard Assessments. The company recently expanded its corporate operations and scope in 2020 under a formal cooperative agreement with Eurofins/Metlabs (EEENA).

The New LBIES Team Bios

Doug Snow, a registered PE in the state of California, oversees all engineering projects for LBIES. He is also responsible for supervising and approving 3rd party field evaluations of unlisted electrical utilization equipment per NFPA 791. His background in electrical power distribution systems benefits clients in the design of their equipment.

Patrick Flautt is responsible for the company’s operations, marketing, and sales strategies. A project manager by profession, he brings his unique skill-set of sales, negotiation, and scaled support experience to Lewis Bass. His work experience ranges from leading divisions at small tech startups to starting new support departments at Facebook/Oculus. He holds a BA in Business Management Economics from the University of California Santa Cruz.

Kristy Morrissey has been involved in a variety of industries, ranging from real estate, technology recruiting, and engineering. One thing that has remained constant for her is that she has reinvented herself in every position she has held, with customer service always being at the forefront of all them. She oversees the finance department, quality control, and HR department.

Oleg Zholudev, a transportation engineer, brings his technical expertise to LBIES. He oversees all 3rd party field evaluations, as well as maintaining all legally required documents for the company. He also oversees the IT department and provides technical feedback to our engineering team.

Our Outgoing President

Patricia (Trish) Bass founded Lewis Bass International Engineering Services, Inc., an engineering consulting company, after serving for four years as Director of Sales and seven years as V.P. of Administration with Lewis Bass International, a safety law firm. Ms. Bass was instrumental in putting together a team of technical and business development professionals to provide safety services to clients worldwide to help service high tech, medical device, and industrial machinery manufacturers.

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