New for Lewis Bass in 2024: our website and office location in Milpitas

New for Lewis Bass in 2024: our website and office location in Milpitas

Introducing our new website

May 15th, 2024 – Lewis Bass International Engineering Services has launched the second version of its modern-themed website for our current and future clients to access the most up-to-date information on our company and the industry we are involved in.

You can expect a new blog post from Lewis Bass every week or two going forward touching base on the following topics:

  • Third party electrical evaluations (Field Labels) for North America
  • SEMI S2/S8 assessments for the semiconductor industry
  • CE or UKCA Marking evaluations for Europe and the UK
  • Thermography
  • General engineering safety topics covering electrical and structural issues
  • The Ask Lewis Bass blog series is coming back by popular demand!
  • And many more surprise topics..

We've moved offices in Milpitas

In April 2024 we moved our California office location from 142 North Milpitas Blvd. to 1525 McCarthy Blvd. Our new office location allows us greater access to our client base in the area while also providing easier parking and site access for our clients. Come stop by and say hello!

1525 McCarthy Blvd

Do you have a need for our services?

Lewis Bass can help your team identify the most common safety issues in your facility, along with providing immediate referrals to our trusted partners to address them on your behalf.

Not sure what service you need from us?

Take our service identifier quiz here.

Are you uncertain if your equipment is unlisted or not at your facility?

Lewis Bass has you covered here as well: download our unlisted equipment self-identification flyer here.

Do you have a need for an urgent machinery evaluation?

Please reach out to us using our contact form here or call/text us directly on our office line 408-942-8000. We are always available to help with rush jobs and permit-blocking safety situations at your facility.

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